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Welcome to CoachHorse Counseling Services!

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Pam Kachelmeier MA LPC  

CoachHorse Counseling Services is an outpatient therapy center that provides compassionate, confidential, and professional traditional and non-traditional mental health services that focuses on improving interpersonal relationships, life satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. Our eclectic program offers customized and effective treatment modalities that are used to manage unhealthy patterns and behaviors.

Equine-Assisted Therapy
Equine-Assisted Therapy utilizes horses as an effective modality of treatment.  Through a mindfulness relationship with a horse, clients are able to develop self-awareness, emotional congruence, and healthy ways of being. Through the inherent healing power and sensitivity of horses, and in combination with the therapeutic value of the natural setting, clients are able to reevaluate and restructure behavioral, emotional and cognitive patterns.


  • Child/Adolescent

  • Family

  • Group




    CoachHorse LLC
17412 W. Washington Rd, Kiel, WI 53042
920-980-5326 • coachhorse1@gmail.com